Aron Enoch

Music Producer

Aron Enoch is a music producer and musical artist operating in Boston Massachusetts, currently offering full production services, mixing and vocal editing, instrument tracking, features and remixes. Working primarily as one half of comedy-pop duo Le Snake, or DJ-ing/remixing under the moniker DJ Re:Code, Aron’s unconventional production style and vibrant vocal melodies create bright soundscapes abundant with creative flair that always stand out from the crowd.

Aron specializes in the “hyperpop” sound, a production style lush with glitchy bubblegum infused melodies, bright explosive synthesizer riffs, and trap-infused pop production techniques. However, Aron is well versed in a variety of genres, ranging from pop-rock, alternative, EDM and trance, and hip-hop and PBR&B. Having worked with numerous artists on a massive assortment of tracks, Aron’s skills have little restrictions and many genres can be accomodated and given creative flair.

**Aron is non-binary (using they/them pronouns.)**

It is preferred that artists have a detailed idea sketched out of what sound they are looking for in their production, including musical references, lyric sheets, (DRY) acapellas or audio files in .mp3 or .wav format, and pages of past work and projects.

Aron currently works between their 2 separate studio spaces, one equipped with keyboards, guitars, and portable recording equipment for songwriting and production, and an acoustically treated mixing lab complete with 500 series preamps and a Neumann TLM102 microphone and 88 key weighted keyboard for longer projects and collaborative sessions. Aron works primarily in Logic Pro X, and produces using a number of third party software including Xfer Serum, Native Instruments Maschine, and the Arturia V Collection software synthesizers as well as hardware synths and samplers.

Aron has produced a number of tracks and remixes within the pop/web-pop sphere, and has collaborated with many artists including RYl0, Saturnultra, Luvox, Andrew Goes to Hell & more.

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Le Snake - 50/50 (feat. Adamn Killa)
RYL0 x Aron Enoch - Fancam