John Wells Audio

Producer/ Mixing and Mastering Engineer

Hello there! If you are looking for a professional music production studio to help with any aspect of your projects then look no further. Whatever the job or fix you require, I am committed to taking your projects to the next level.

With over 15 years of experience in all areas of music production. I have worked with many multimedia production companies such as Red Bull and Lucozade creating a plethora of tracks from many different styles. I am now focusing on working with artists and companies from all levels to provide professional services from beginning to end.

Full track production:
I will require a detailed brief and reference tracks.

All individual parts of your track bounced separately.

A single stereo file of your track/ podcast without any limiting on the master bus (in some circumstances I may require you to tweak your mix also)
at least 1 reference track

Stem mastering.
All group stems (drums/ synths/ bass/ leads/ vocal etc) bounced separately without any compression and limiting on the group and master bus

Audio Editing.
A detailed brief of requirements

Audio cleanup/ restoration.
A detailed brief of requirements along with a prelisten of the material to be restored

Sound Design
A detailed brief of requirements

Full track production/Mixing/ Mastering/ Stem mastering/ Podcast Mastering/ Audio Editing/Audio cleanup/ restoration/ Sound Design

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