Session Bassist

Hey, I’m Henry, a South-West UK-based bassist, with 16 years playing time

I’ll work with you to find the sound you want, offering unlimited revisions – until you’re truly satisfied with how the bass fits your the song.

No one is a master of all, but they can be handy at a few
Mostly, I’m a fingerstyle player, with competency in:
– Rock – Pop
– Funk – Soul

Though I’ve a wide pallette – I’ve studied various techniques, styles and musical theory at degree level.

We can easily find the right tone to suit you, my equipment is super versatile

Would love to hear from you.
Hit contact & let’s get to seeing what works for you

Chord charts please! If you happen to have them, transcriptions for any instruments are always appreciated too.

I play a versatile Ibanez BTB six string, with active pickups, & often with flatwound strings. Combined with my BOSS MS-3, I can get you any tone you want!
Additionally I’ve a brighter Ibanez 5-string, and a custom PJ-pickup fretless

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