Hector Fuentes

Freelance Graphic Design

I am a graphic designer, Specializing in music Cd artwork, layout and composite design As well as creating logo designs, Business cards and just about anything related to graphic design.

Send me message before ordering, so that we discuss possible options and agree to make our work productive!
Will Need any digital assets that you want to include in the design of your custom Cd Cover Art. Please remember to include High Resolution files if you can as the higher the quality the better your custom Cd Cover Art will be.

I will also need these 5 Client questions answered to help with the design process:

1 . How would you describe your music style in one sentence?

2 . Who do you sound like?

3 . Do you have any favorite Cd Covers?

4 . Are there any significant colors of interest for your Cd Cover?

5 . Are there any visuals that you connect with?

If you got any idea for your album cover, just tell me about it and I can design according to your requirements.


Generating an idea and creating a design
Sample Presentation of the Cover / Proof

1 modification per Cd Cover
High-resolution {300dpi} Cd Cover
Optimized files for Spotify and Soundcloud
Source file in PSD ⭐
24 Hour Delivery ⭐
Full Support

⭐ — Optionally for extra charge

Specializing in custom music Cd artwork, layout and composite design.

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Mon - Fri 9:00am - 4:00pm