Eddie Gore

Audio Mixing Engineer and Music Producer

New to freelance, but experienced in sound, I offer a comprehensive understanding of sound production and mixing and can elevate your songs to the level you’ve always wanted them to be. I work quickly and diligently to deliver a professional product at a fair price.

I’m a Brooklyn-based musician who has spent the last 8 years producing and mixing my own projects (Future Generations, mini golf). Recently, I’ve decided to offer my skill set to other artists. I have a thorough understanding of audio production and mixing. I can offer a radio-ready professional product in a timely fashion at an affordable rate, but further than that I can offer my true passion to make amazing sounding music. If your music is going to stand out in today’s saturated music market, there has to be something unique about it. My expertise lies in identifying and perfecting the thing that makes your music interesting.

Producing: I will accept any level of song or idea depending on the project

Mixing: I prefer to have all tracks stemmed out individually in 24 bit as well as proper labelling.

Mastering: High quality stereo file at 24 bit and at least 44.1 khz.

Services offered:
Production – I can help you take your song to the next level by helping to build the song from its core to its full realization.

Mixing – I aim to bring out the emotion of every song that I mix.

Mastering – A final polishing of your song could be the deciding factor when going up against others for that spot on a Spotify curated playlist. I will make sure it’s done right and translates your music across all platforms in the best way possible.

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Down and Out - Future Generations