Ryan Brooks

Producer & Engineer

I’m Ryan Brooks. I am a multi- instrumental musician and producer with years of experience working in Pro Tools, Logic Pro X. I have written and recorded with my band The Visions for 6+ years both at home and in various studios in NYC. Currently, I am the studio manager at an audio post-production house, Squeak E Clean Studios in NYC where I compose, create sound design, mix, and facilitate collaborations across our 5 city studio network. Outside of work I am releasing instrumentals under the artist name Brooks. I create beats and instrumentals within the r&b/pop genres. Attached are some beats I’ve released within the past year. I’m excited to work with new artists and create something together!

All I need are clear goals and a production timeline.

My process depends on what the client is looking for and what the goals of your project are. I create music using guitar, keyboards, bass, and drum programming, all usually within Logic Pro X. I prefer mixing and mastering in Pro Tools, as well as designing sound for TV and Film. As a longtime member of The Visions, I helped in each stage of the creative process, from songwriting to production and arrangement, and mixing. While I’m fluid on a handful of instruments, I’ve been playing guitar for over 15 years and consider that my primary instrument.

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Brooks - "Chlorine '83"
Brooks - "Daisy Daffodil"