Marton Steitz

Music Producer & Sound Designer

Hey there!

I am Martz and I’ve been producing music for 6 years now. At my early days I used the cracked version of Logic Pro X for starters and I sticked with it for 4 years and loved its sounds and workflow so much. Then I switched to Ableton Live which is my current DAW at the moment.

My favorite genres to produce are trap, pop, hiphop and rnb but honestly I find it quite hard these days to define my music using only one word 🙂 Its easier for me to say that I like experimenting with the elements of each genre and then assemble something (maybe) new from them… just like putting together different bricks of LEGO in order to create some crazy stuff.

About my services: The part that I hold in the music industry is mostly the arranging and producing parts of the song’s creative process.

I like helping in the mixing, altough I prefer giving out my tracks for a PRO-level mixing engineer, because I find it more affective when we work together as a team, furthermore I say the more ears the merrier 🙂

I’ve experienced from exact jobs after I’m done with my part of the processs and then a new professional comes into the studio and starts working on my stems, after discussing the tracks artistic background he/she could take it to a whole new level, including my instrumental and my skills as a producer as well.

I have experience in working with artists and startups as well ( i scored for their short commercial films)

If you became interested in working with me don’t hesitate to hit me up!!


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Juice Wrld x Dro Kenji Type Beat 'Melodic Heart'
J. Cole x Kanye West Type Beat 'Kim'