Professional cello and viola da gamba player

I record cello or viola da gamba parts. If the client provided sheet music I make a new project in REAPER with the reference materials (if there are any) and start recording. If I have to make sheets/come up with my own part for the project, first I listen the music in question with a notebook and I sketch the structure of the song. And then comes my favorite part: to listen to the song in repeat, while the instrument is in my hand. I improvise until I develop the most fitting accompaniment or solo. After that I have nothing to do just write it down and record it. I need the following from the customers to start working:
-Any reference materials, be it audio files, midi files or links to music
-Sheet music (if there is any)-Insrtuctions about playing duration and playing style, and feel.
I own 3 large diaphragm microphones, of which I use two at a time, one looking at the bridge of the instrument and one about head height. I record with my USB audio interface fed into Reaper. I’ve been complimented on my setup and recordings several times by online clients.

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A medieval style gamba improvisation over a borudon, recorded in my home studio.
J.S.Bach G major suite - preludium