Composer. Vocalist. Producer. Sensitive creature

Storyteller, composer, producer. Sensitive creature. With over 15 years producing music. Good at describing emotions through sounds and using various music styles to create specific atmospheres. I work with ZZK Records a Buenos Aires based label that specializes in digital folklore from Latin America ( Nicola Cruz, Chancha Via Circuito…)

I enjoy mixing sounds from world music, rap vocals and synths in an organic way.
I can produce and/or compose songs for you if you’re an interpreter. And can also sing/record special sounds for any given project. My home studio is fully equipped for recordings and have many Latin American instruments at disposal such as: charango, ronroco, flutes, panflutes, bombo legûero, bombo chaya, caja coplera, ronroco, guitarra criolla, ukelele, flauta nativa and many others.
Editing voices is something I enjoy as well as tuning, comping and Im basically interested in making the best out of your current recordings.

You can tell me about your project and how I could help by using the ‘Contact’ button.

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Arbolito (Producer, composer, vocalist, instrumentalist)
Ser humano (Producer, composer, vocalist, instrumentalist)


Mon – Sun: 9:00 to 23:00hs