Javier Perez

Mixing & Mastering Engineer | Producer

I’m a music producer and post producing engineer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’d love for us to work on a project together, and get a sound that enhance all of the feelings that all of us as musicians want to showcase in every single song.

Before an order, in case you count with one, I usually ask for a demo of the song, which can be as much as an idea of what the song is about, what the purpose is, if you are a singer you can send me some lyrics. If you count with session files or a Pro Tools session and you want to send it, that’s also great. But most importantly a direct way of communication, so we are able to remain in contact during the length of the project.

I’ve mostly worked with newer artists, mostly hip hop, rock, metal and trap. I usually get either the tracks sent or else Pro Tools sessions from the producer/artist to work with. From my past credits you can find in Youtube artists like Daasha, 2’EM, Rotten Burial, Moro Smylodon, to name a couple. As far as software and hardware I work with Pro Tools 12 and a Beringher XAir x18, since I work primarly in the box.

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A beautiful song by Daasha where I worked as a Producer as well as a Mixing and Mastering Engineer
An amazing song by the Argentinian band Foco Sonoro, where I performed as a Mixing and Mastering Engineer