NT Martin

Vocalist, Songwriter, Producer. English & Spanish

Available for: Vocal Session work, Lyrics, Topline writing, Songwriting, Full Instrumental Productions, YouTube recordings, Mix and Mastering. Both in English and Spanish (check my Spanish reel if you are looking for a true latin vibe!)

I am recording with a Slate VMS or a Shure SM7B mic, RME Babyface Pro, Adam 7x Monitors, Cubase 10.5 and Protools. My studio is top of the line and acoustically treated for great recordings.

I also work with a great team of top musicians so I can offer you a great complete package with vocals and full production for your song, including professional mixing and mastering.

It´d be an honor to work with you. Let´s work together!

NT Martin

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Singer reel
Spanish reel