Santiago Ortolá

Professional Studio Drummer

Hi there! My name is Santiago from Argentina and I’m a professional recording drummer with +10 years of experience in studio and live, playing Rock, Pop, Funk, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Folk music.
I record high-quality drum tracks remotely from my home studio with professional equipment.

Send me your song and I’ll put REAL drum sounds in it. It’s just that simple!

If you have a reference track of the song, you can send me a file with drums included and another without them. I can imitate the sound of your MIDI drums. If you want the drum sound of a particular song you can tell me and I’ll copy that.
If you want me to create the drums sound and pattern I would love to do that too! Any option is welcome!

Do you need real acoustic drums for your song?

I’m a professional session drummer and I’ll record a high-quality live drum track remotely from my home studio with professional equipment for your song or production!

I’m a professional recording session drummer with +10 year experience in studio and live, playing Rock, Pop, Funk, Jazz, Hip Hop and Folk music.

Also I´ll do the whole production of your song’s drum track: Editing, mixing and mastering.

My passion is to find the exact drum sound for each song using only REAL sounds, no Samples.

It’s simple: You send me your song and and in 24hs you’ll have the perfect drum track for it.

Equipment: Gretsch USA Custom 80s drumset | Ludwig Supraphonc 70s snare | All Shure mics | Zildjian cymbals | Meinl Cymbals | Tama Hardware | Focusrite Interface | Pro tools | Waves | Slate digital | Avid and many more

Get a complete 8-channel HQ multitrack and a stereo drum stem for only $20!

This includes:
Snare drum top and bottom
Bass drum
2 toms
Both overheads
Room mic

Stop dealing with poor midi drum sounds. Get a pro drum track!

Contact me and I guarantee you will not regret!

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Tame Impala drum sound
Rock Ballad


Mon-Sun: 10:00-21:00hs