Fran Baigorri

Music Producer

Hi. I’m Fran Baigorri and I’m an Argentine musical producer specialized in mix and mastering of electronic music. I’m creative and work in an efficient manner in all my projects. I’m also passionate about audio and love the idea of working with new clients’ music to help them achieve the best result.

I offer mixing and mastering services that are tailored to suit each artists needs. I am is determined for artists to be 100% proud of the final product, by ensuring that artists are aware and involved in the decision making process.

For Mixing: I need the stems from your track exported as .wav files (24-bit, 48khz if possible). I also ask clients to send over two reference tracks and a brief overview of the sound they are looking for.

For Mastering; I ask clients to send a .wav of the final mix of the track (24-bit 48khz or better) with 3db of headroom and to send over any reference tracks that they have used during the production and mix of the track.

I work from my own mix room and use Ableton.

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