Fran Cirimele

Beat Maker , Keyboard and Piano Sessions

I love the harmony of jazz. It is very rich to put these concepts in any music, even if we use just a passing chord or harmonic substitution. I think modern music sounds like this.
But I also really like pop music with its simplicity. Four typical chords never fail and open the game to so many new arrangements.
As a session musician, I have played many styles of music: rock, jazz, bossa, Latin music, soul, beat music. This gave me versatility and many tools for recording music.
As a producer and creator of rhythms, I invite you to see my new album “Floresta” on Spotify and listen to me in that role.

💬 You can ask me any question if you want.

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Alto - Cami Bearzi
Kinesfera - Fran Cirimele