Luciano Ledesma

Pianist & composer

Hello! My name is Luciano, I am an Argentinian pianist with more than fifteen years of experience devoted to musical works such as composition, production, top line melodies, musical arrangements, instrumentation, harmonization and recording. My work has been reflected in a wide variety of music styles and I can adapt to any kind of aesthetics.

I really enjoy teamwork, so I am willing to listen in order to know what another artist wants for his or her project.

I am simple when it comes to personal and professional knowledge introductions, because I strongly believe that beyond words, music is what matters. That is why the best way to introduce myself is what I do: I invite you to listen to some compositions on my piano and please, take the chance, there is much more to discover! If you like something feel free to contact me and explain to me what you are looking for, your choice will be my compass to offer you the best.

I just need a talk about the project to outline artistic aspects

You can hire my composition services either to create a song, a melody for your rhythmic base, a musical piece for your audiovisual project or…just whatever you need!

Maybe you also want to record a piano/synthesizer for an already finished song.

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