Nicole Farmer


Hello! I’m Nicole. I am a singer-songwriter available for hire to do vocals, write music, lyrics, and topline. I have written many songs and have done a few commissions.

I am classically trained, but I can sing and write songs in many genres of music. I have sung and played piano for most of my life and have gotten my grade eight in piano and grade ten in voice with the Royal Conservatory of Music. I also have some training in music theory and harmony.

I have performed many times, including singing the national anthem at baseball games, as the lead understudy in a musical, and for competitions.

Though I have not yet put my own original stuff out there very much, I am very eager to do more with my love for singing and songwriting. I am driven and dedicated to give my all on every project, so contact me and let’s get collaborating!

If you’d like me to do vocals for your track, please provide me with the track and the lyrics, and a separate recording with your idea for the vocal melody if you have one in mind. If you would like me to come up with original lyrics or melody, please specify that and give me as much info as possible if there’s a theme you’re going for or a certain topic. Please provide any tracks you send in MP3 or WAV format and specify what format you would like me to deliver the project to you in.

I have a wide range of capabilities when it comes to vocals and songwriting. I can do vocals for your track with your lyrics and melody, or I can write original lyrics and an original melody. I can write full songs, music and all, and have professional recording software and equipment to provide you with a professional quality track. I can also create a cover of instrumentals, though some limitations may apply, so contact me if you’re looking for something like that with details on what song, and I’ll determine if it’s something I’m capable of! I will offer 2 free revisions as requested.

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Never Loved Before by Nicole Farmer