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Camilo Silva F Mastering - Award winning mastering

2x Grammy award winning Mastering Engineer – Analog mastering – Over 18 yrs experience on countless projects and albums.

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Note : Please DO NOT order until i’ve had a listen first ! This way i can ensure your music is fit and ready for mastering.

What I’ll need regarding formats : It can be WAV or AIFF. Only 100% finished and approved stereo files (no stems please). They should be at the same sample rate of the mix session at a minimum 24 bits (32 ideal !), unless you’re doing a mix down from an analog console / summing mixer and printing on a separate machine. In that case, the higher sample rate you want to print, the better ! Ideally, there shouldn’t be any brick wall limiters (Waves L1/L2/L3 for example) or any “volume” processes or enhancers on the master fader (iZotope Ozone, etc…). Also, please make sure that there’s no clipping on the mix. Level is irrelevant to me as long as these requirements are met. I’ll start by assessing the mix and if welcome (and if needed of course) I’ll be more than happy to offer feedback in order to improve the mix prior to the mastering session for a better end result.

Appreciate if you could include this info, spell and upper/lowercase corrected : Artist name, genre, composer, key, BPM and the artwork if available (or artist’s logo) in 1:1 aspect ratio. Not mandatory but always helpful !

Reference tracks showing me your goals regarding volume / tone are useful but not mandatory.

Terms of service : Unlimited revisions free of charge as long as it is the same mix (post-mastering mix resubmissions subject to 50% resubmission fee). MFiT included at no extra cost if requested in advance. One alt version included ! Open ears to all budgets for bulk in albums and EPs.

Camilo Silva F. Mastering : Human mastering you can trust.

We’re here to listen YOU, to listen to your needs and to listen to your music ! Together we’ll take your music to new heights ! Super quick turnarounds. Why settle for some random AI algorithm when you can have a real, trained, expert human taking loving care of your music ? World-class skills and gear at a price you can afford.

Our highlight isn’t about the gear or the room, but about what’s really important : The human resource. Camilo’s unique set of skills on audio, electronics and computer technology aren’t found anymore on an engineer nowadays.

That said, Camilo realized that in order to get the best results he needed to build and equip a mastering room under his exacting specifications and with top-notch design and technology. Being such a tinkerer, he decided that he wanted to be unique and to build something really unique to offer to his clients – So he did, and he’s built many of his mastering room’s equipment under his own Camilo Silva F. Brand including his D/A tube converters ! All of this complemented by some key pieces of state-of-the-art analog EQ, dynamics and A/D/A conversion.

Camilo has over 18 years experience, ten of them at the legendary Estudios Audiovision, where he was resident Recording / Mixing / Mastering engineer / Studio tech. He’s been dedicated exclusively to Mastering since Q4/2013 in his own facility.

My credits include : Carlos Vives, Andres Cepeda, Maluma, Morat, Alkilados, Ventino, Shallow Side, Aitana…Background checks highly encouraged ! Just Google me.

We’re Apple Certified (MFiT) mastering room !

Gear Highlights : Barefoot Sound MM26, BuzzAudio REQ2.2MEA, Pendulum PL-2 Mastering Limiter, CraneSong Solaris DA, Burl B2 AD, Kush Clariphonic MS EQ, High Voltage Audio EQ6S, Camilo Silva F. All-Tube DAC & VariMu Limiter & All-Tube Mastering Compressor, Acourate DRC room correction system.

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