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Camilo Silva F Mastering - Award winning mastering

Camilo Silva F. Mastering: Human mastering you can trust.

We’re here to listen to YOU, to listen to your needs, and to listen to your music! Our highlight isn’t about the gear or the room, but about what’s really important: The human resource and interaction.

Camilo realized that to get the best results; he needed to build and equip a mastering room with his specifications and top-notch design and technology. Being such a tinkerer, he’s decided that he wanted to be unique and build something unique to offer to his clients: He’s built many of his room’s equipment under his own Camilo Silva F. Brand, including his D/A tube converters! Camilo’s gear choices get enhanced by some critical pieces of state-of-the-art analog EQ, dynamics, and A/D/A conversion.

Camilo has 20+yrs experience, 10 of them at the legendary Estudios Audiovision, as resident Rec/Mix/Mastering engineer/studio tech. Camilo’s been dedicated exclusively to Mastering since Q4/2013 in his facility.

Credits include: Aitana, Carlos Vives, Andres Cepeda, Maluma, Morat, Alkilados, Ventino, Shallow Side…Background checks are highly encouraged!

Some credits :

Grammy-winning verification here:

We’re Apple Certified (MFiT) mastering room!

3 reviews

  1. Great mastering job

    Camilo is truly a professional and did a great job mastering my track! Top notch!! Thanks again.

  2. Perfect mastering

    Awesome master, Camilo! It was a pleasure working with you

  3. Top mastering!

    Amazing mastering skills, with so much musicality… I no longer have to spend the triple with “famous” engineers. Besides, Camilo was very friendly and easy to communicate with. Definitely I will keep working with him.

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