Hossein Taheri

Professional Music Producer/ Arranger/ Composer

Hello, My Name is Hossein, I am a Music Producer , Mix and Mastering Engineer, Sound Designer and Composer, I Have 18 Years Experience in Music Production in Most Genres and Styles Like Soundtrack, Pop, R&B, Rock and etc . I Work in Classic and Electronic Styles or combination of these … I am very happy to use my works in Your Projects, Ads, Clips and etc …I have no style restrictions. I make many styles in quality. I put high energy into my Project. All the work I do is very important to me and I try to provide the best work possible. I prove my distinction at work, not in words … Thank You for Trusting me …

Anything that contributes to professional music!

Produces music very professionally in the following styles: Pop, Electronic, EDM, Hip Hop, Rock, Soundtrack. Classical, Indie, Jazz, Blues and …

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Mon-Fri : 09:00 - 23:00 Sat - Sun : 15-23