Miguel Terenzani

Mixing Engineer

I’m a 28 years old mixing engineer with 3 years of studies on 2 audio academies and 3 years of working between mixing, mastering, editing songs from almost any genre to tuning voices and cleaning audios. Here you can find samples of my work https://soundcloud.com/mterenzani

You can either send me the audio files you want me to work on or a pro tools sessions that’s compatible with pro tools 12. Other than that just tell me something you want done in a very specific way, like a voice with a specific distortion or an instrument with a specific reverb.

I’m very thorough and pay attention to every detail. I clean every audio as best as possible and try to make it every edit as perfect as it can be . I work with pro tools 12 and use a pair of professional AKG K141 MKII headphones.

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