Dawn Mari

Singer/Songwriter , Audio Engineer

My creativity is out of this world ! Literally…I’m an alien 🙂 Hey , I’m Dawn Mari aka “The Dawmanata” ! I’m a singer/songwriter , producer and audio engineer based in Charlotte, NC ! I specialize in Pop , R&B and EDM .

For Mixing and Mastering : *Make sure vocals are dry and in WAV file . Instrumental should be in WAV file as well . If a WAV file is unattainable (for instrumental only) a MP3 file is fine but note that the quality of the instrumental audio may not be as high .

Please make sure to label each vocal accordingly (ex . “Lead Vocal”)

There should be no distortion or loud background noise in your vocal tracks or the instrumental track .

*Please provide a rough reference track (can be a MP3 file) of the song in order for the final version to be identical and accurate .

Send vocal tracks along with the instrumental in a compressed ZIP folder .

For Songwriting , Features , Background Vocals : I will need the instrumental in either a WAV or MP3 file . I am all for hearing your vision for the song so don’t hesitate to give me ideas ! I am also perfectly fine with creating the vision myself as well ! I typically mix my own vocals but I will send them dry upon request . If releasing commercially , we can discuss splits/percentages !

For Demo Vocals : I will need the instrumental in either a WAV or MP3 file . Please provide a reference track (this can be a MP3 file) so that I can deliver my version as accurately as possible . FULL lyrics will also be needed in order to be precise .

My services include:

Demo Vocals
Features/Background Vocals

I have my own studio set up and have been recording myself and others while also producing and engineering for over 5 years . I am praised for providing “clean and crisp” vocals and mixes by artists I have worked with and people with a professional ear for music production . I enjoy taking on and experimenting with different genres ! I had the pleasure of writing a full project for The X Factor 2018’s finalist , Maria Laroco , titled “Just Maria” which was released in August 2019 . I would love to help you with your new project ! Let’s make some MAGIC !

I use Logic Pro X to mix and master along with WAVES , IK Multimedia and Logic stock plugins .

I use full effects including : DeEsser , Compression , EQ , Imaging , Pitch Correction , Autotune , Delays , Limiting , etc .

Gear includes : Logic Pro X , Scarlett Solo interface , Audio-Technica AT2020 mic

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Christmas Special by Dawn Mari (sang , written , produced and engineered by me)
Eager by Maria Laroco (written by me)