Luke Johnson

Mix Engineer/Mastering Engineer/Post Audio Editor

My name is Luke Johnson and I am passionate about music and audio engineering as well as helping others.

I have my own detached studio at my home in Chattanooga TN that is fully equipped with a professional computer based mixing station to tackle any music mixing projects quickly and efficiently. I am fully competent at using Adobe Audition but prefer to use Avid Pro Tools as my main DAW. I also have a nice collection of vintage hardware that I have collected over the years.

I have a degree in Music from Kennesaw State University. Since 2002, I have worked as an audio engineer, music producer, and session musician utilizing some of the best recording studios in Atlanta and Chattanooga, including owning and managing my own multi-room commercial recording studio. In 2018, my family and I moved from Atlanta to Chattanooga where I currently reside with my family.

I am very familiar with analog and digital signal path and recording in studios as well as remote, on-site recording scenarios. When I was the technology manager for the Atlanta Pops Orchestra I was fully responsible for making live recordings for that ensemble outside of a traditional studio and made several live albums for the group. I have worked on almost every type of music application ranging from rap, R & B, rock, jazz, country, jingle recording, all the way to a full symphony orchestra. You name it and I’ve done either a little or a lot of it.

As an mixer and post production specialist, I am very familiar with audio restoration using tools like the powerful iZotope RX line of audio tools. I am familiar with using all the major brands of analog and digital recording consoles from brands like Avid, API, Neve, SSL, Yamaha, Behringer, etc… as well as being a fast and competent user of DAWs like Avid Pro Tools. Online security is a major concern for people and I understand the importance of protecting content while sharing among various servers across the internet. I am always happy to host clients via Zoom to make sure they are part of the mixing process and to get their feedback throughout the process.

In addition to being a creative producer and engineer, I have an extensive knowledge of acoustics and audio electronics. Through building two different recording studios in my career from the ground up, I am comfortable designing rooms and soldering audio connections as well as network cabling and wireless systems.

I am a very organized individual who likes to rely on planning to ensure a smooth experience when working. I work well under pressure and can maintain my composure when times get a bit tense.

I also have an extensive background in live sound as well as live stream applications. I am familiar with all the requirements for the various online platforms where audio is presented and can meet the ever changing needs of audio output requirements.

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