Zal Colah

Audio & Multimedia Engineer; Musician

It was a tryst with a bass guitar and my grandfather’s old iBoookG4 in the 8th grade which set the direction for my professional endeavors. It was not quite love at first sight, but the driving urge inside me to learn more about music kept me going. Soon, I became the go-to person for my friends on matters of music and troubleshooting tech problems. I spent hours on music composition and production, and regularly performed with bands in major music festivals before audiences numbering in the thousands. So, it should come as no surprise that I opted for an undergraduate program which allowed me to pursue my creativity, passion, and aptitude for music.

My undergraduate studies for a B.S. degree, with a Media Arts & Studies major and focused on audio production provided me with exposure beyond my expectations. On the technical side, I came to understand signal flow and console architecture, and gained exposure to a broad range of hardware and software for media creation, recording and production. The theory I learnt augmented my understanding of acoustics, stretching from frequency and time domain to Fourier analysis.

My experience covers live sound production at the Breckenridge Music Festival, and working with the music production team at Columbia Records, live and studio work at WOUB National Public Radio, and various podcasters.

I combine my inherent affinity for sound with the extensive knowledge of production technology to create the sound sought by the artist. In short, I bring your creativity to life – the way you want it to sound.

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For music tracks, you can send me your unclipped audio files and a reference mix, if you have one. If not, no problem! We can always chat and I can guide you through explaining to me what you are seeking to achieve, and leave the rest to me.

For podcasts, just send me the audio recording and I’ll edit, mix and host it for you.

I offer mixing, editing, mastering services. If you want of have me handle hosting your audio and tracking its performance, that too can be arranged. If you are a podcaster, I will throw in the intro and outro with the first episode.

I bring to bear the best of technology to convert your raw files into broadcast quality audio. My experience stretches across ProTools, LogicPro, Adobe Audition, Ableton, Reaper, iZotopeRx7.

I understand that every project is unique and I invite you to connect with me to best understand your audio needs.

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