Freddie Banks

Piano | Keyboards | Production

Hey, my name is Freddie, and I’m a musician from Chicago. My love for music began at age 8 when my mom bought me a keyboard for Christmas. I started to learn the basics of music completely by ear, playing along with what I saw and heard on the radio and TV.

I’m a versatile keyboardist/pianist, my roots are in gospel, but I’ve ventured out and explored other genres such as r&b, pop, rock, soul, and singer-songwriter, and everything in between. I’ve also polished my production chops with my audio technology from SAE Institute in Chicago, IL. Since then, it’s been my journey to create and collaborate with other creatives, musicians, artists, and producers alike to bring ideas to fruition.

I’m here ready to work and I’m looking forward to being on your next project. Hit me up and let’s create something amazing!

When you’re ready to work, be sure to include the following info:

1. Song Title
2. An MP3 or WAV file of the song
3. Key & Tempo
4. Style/Genre
5. References (what song you want it to sound similar to)
6. Deadline (proposal will be updated to include it)
7. Sheet Music or Chord Charts (if you have any)

Services offered:

– Session Keyboards, Piano, synthesizers – Starting at $100
(NOTE: All piano tracks come with MIDI, but for an additional fee, I can provide piano/keyboard parts in lead sheet or grand staff transcription using Avid Sibelius)

– Song Arrangement/Composition – $300

– Song Production – $500

– Backing Track/Instrumental Production – $300

With each project, I’m able to provide up to 3 revisions. Once completed, I can deliver you the final print of the instrumental, as well as the individual WAV and MIDI files of each instrument used for the project, all put into a compressed zip file. If you have any other questions or concerns, please let me know how I can accommodate your wishes and we can finalize our proposal prior to beginning the project.

I’m able to accept any sessions using Avid Pro Tools or Logic Pro X as well, feel free to send them if you’d like.

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A collection of projects that I've been fortunate to play, arrange, or produce in multiple genres