Benjamin R.

Professional Male Vocalist/Writer

My singles have been played on terrestrial radio broadcasts in the USA, the Caribbean, and the UK. I enjoy freelance work and am hoping to use my talents to help all of you looking for vocalists and songwriters.

I specialize in Rnb and Hip-Hop genres but have written songs for other artists in categories such as EDM, Soft Rock, Rap, and Country. Some of my strengths include writing and recording lead vocals, backgrounds, harmonies, and ad-libs, and coming up with melodies.

I will need the beat/instrumental to topline write a melody and lyrics.

If a melody and/or lyrics are written, I will need those as separate files.

AKG P220 Condenser Microphone
Focusrite Scarlett Solo Audio Interface
Logic Pro

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In M.E.


Mon-Fri: 0800-1300 Sat-Sun: 0800-2300