Simona Capozucco

Jazz Pop Singer Backing Vocals Flute Player

Thank for being here!
I’m an Italian professional singer with 20 years of experience on stage. I specialize in singing, lead, backup vocals and harmonizing (also “a capella style”)
Genres: Pop, Jazz, Funk, Film Music, Ambiental, Dance Music, World Music. I’m able also in scat improvisation and playing Flute Tranverse.
My voice is warm and becomes brighter going to the top. Good extension and versatility.

– Lyrics if available
– Instrumental track or your music sheet with metronome and dynamics indications.
– A sample vocal track, or music sheet to understand the melody/lines I have to sing
– A backing track where I have to sing lead vocals and/or backing vocals (in case the lead guide line does not exist)

– What I have to play with my Flute (EXTRA)
– If you need transcription of stems in a well organized music sheet (EXTRA)

Choose the option you prefer:

1) Dry Lead Vocals for entire song…………….$35

2) Creating/Singing 3 Lines Backing Vocals (on entire project) ………………..$ 35

3) SPECIAL OFFER Lead + Up 3 lines Harmonized Backing Vocals……………..$ 50

I have my Personal Setup using Studio MIC Behringer B2 Pro – Scarlett Audio Iterface – Daw as Cubase or Logic

I’ll provide High-quality audio files lined up to your track (wav 44.100 khz 32 bit float or other resolution you need)
– A good interpretation of your song following your needs
– A good execution of harmonies according to needs of your project.
– The right musical approach with Flute Tranverse.


*** extra backing lines +$5 for stem
*** Editing/Mixing starting from +€30 to €50 (It depends on features of your project)
*** Flute in the Song starting from $10
*** Stems Transcription (Music Sheet) +$10 (Lines/Chords in International Mark/Lyrics when available)
*** Acoustic Arrangement of your Song in collaboration with my Personal Pianist starting from $ 100 (Lead Vocals/Piano Arrangement/Mixing)

Please, contact me so we can talk together about your project finding the best solution for you or a CUSTOM OFFER for the project. No problems at all.

I hope to work for you and repay your trust!

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Pop Jazz Soul Funky Mix (Me Singing and Playing Flute also)
Acapella + Overjoyed Acoustic Cover (Vocals and Piano Duet)