Connor Fennessey

Mixing/Mastering Engineer

I’ve being working with music production since early high school where I was first introduced to the field of recording and mixing music.

I spent my time recording, mixing, and mastering work for local school-based bands, as well as some live sound work from time to time.

Fast forward a few years and I’m in college at the University of Cincinnati studying film, and I find myself having much more enjoyment and fulfillment with my work when it purely revolves around the audio side of things. I opted to take courses in sound design for film rather than any classes that required me to hold a camera. Eventually, I moved away from film-based courses altogether and took up a very big interest in the audio engineering programs centered around mixing and mastering music. Around the same time, I realized I wouldn’t be requiring an extensive college degree for the type of work that I want to perform, so I decided to disband and take things into my own hands.

As of now, I’ve recorded, mixed, and mastered work for a handful of local artists from the greater Cincinnati area. My work typically revolves around (but is not limited to) mixing and mastering for Indie, LoFi, Garage, Psychedelic, Alternative, and Hard Rock artists, but I am looking to expand.

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Gonies - Jolly Rotten
The Agency - Mortals