Reid Telando

Guitarist/Audio Engineer

I will professionally record electric and/or acoustic guitar parts for your song!

Getting guitar parts to sit just right in a mix is an art form, and I have the equipment and expertise to give your song that extra lift to stand out amongst any radio ready song.

I will also provide processing to optimize EQ, Compression, and any post production effects to fit the parts best to your song.

All you need to do is to provide me with a basic recording of your song as a .wav file or as Logic Pro X file, and the bpm and time signature the song is to be recorded in. I will return to you the individual guitar tracks in .wav files or in one Logic Pro X file. What you will receive from me:

1. Each individual guitar track in .wav or Logic Pro X.
2. 2 mixed guitar tracks (.wav or Logic Pro X) with all of the Rhythm Guitar parts in one track, and all the Lead Guitar parts in another. (Acoustic would be in a third if required)
3. Your original track with my added guitar parts with my recommended mix.

Recording Equipment:
DAW: Logic Pro X
Interface and Pre-Amp: Presonus 2626
Mics: Audio Technica 2050, Sure SM57, Matched Pair Presonus PM-2

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