Kari Mana

Music Producer and Songwriter

My name is Kari, I´m a singer, guitarist and songwriter from Argentina. I´ve lived in Asia and Australia where I toured and recorded in the late 90s-early 00´s. I have over 50 original songs (in English and Spanish) registered and recorded with my projects HYPERSTATIC (´00-´17) and my current band SIVA. I´ve been actively producing albums and arranging songs for artists for over 10 years now. I specialize in rock -pop – indie- alternative, always trying to bring out the best in the songwriter, focusing on song structure and hooks. Feel free to contact me about my gigs.

I need examples of music if you want me to write a new song, or produce an existing demo. I also need the lyrics in plain text if the song is already written.

I offer two kinds of service: I am a singer, guitarist and songwriter who can compose a song on demand, and translate lyrics to English-Spanish.
I am also a music producer, I work in a professional recording studio and can record and produce your song remotely, hiring session musicians when needed. I delive project on high quality wav audio, and also stems when the artist needs to modify or re record ont heir end.

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