Javier Mellior

Studio Session Bass Player

I’ve been performing for more than 10 years, as a guitar player and bass guitar player

I would love to hear about the project or the song, how and why was compuse, the influence, what you feel and want about the song, then I would need the base track or the mix that you have, the tempo (LoL) and the rest is magic, I will send you back the D.I track, so you can use the amps or sims that you want, a track with my tone (if you want to use it) and a simple mix, so you can hear my approach to the song

I’m a heavy metal guy, but this influence just allow me to find different approachs to any song that need a Bass, I used to play guitar with a band with a strong influence from RATM (Yeah, doing the whammy tricks and stuff), I moved through different genres, funk, blues, ballads, pop, heavy metal, thrash metal, grunge…And I’m currently the Bass Player of Art Of Collision a Post Grunge band that will blow your mind !

My sound its really unique, i like the technique and sound from Tool and Periphery, but also love the sound from Pino Palladino and Flea, so I am somewhere in the middle

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