Professional Guitar Player

I have been drawn to music since my earliest childhood.
Probably part of the reason is that my mother was a music teacher, so I laid the music foundations very early in life.
I graduated from music school and being a professional guitarist for the last 30 years or so.
In addition to the guitar, I can play several other instruments (mandolin, clarinet, bass).

I started my career in 1990’s with my first band K15, which very quickly became famous all over the country.
Although the band later disbanded, I continued to pursue musical career.
I also worked as a DJ on local radio for over 10 years, and have been a member of the local orchestra, with numerous festivals done.
Since 2010, I have permanent band and our yearly schedule is almost fully booked.

In 2018, I founded my own company for arranging and playing music, I have my own studio, and my projects can be heard in many cultural buildings, castles, cathedrals etc.

Thank to digital era and these kind of sites, many talented musicians in the world can come together to work on same project.
And that’s just brilliant.

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