Alexis Dimitriou

Proffesionally Trained Vocalist and Guitarist

Alexis has 20 years of session and live performance experience as both an electric/acoustic guitarist and a lead vocalist. Highly experienced in a variety of styles such as pop, rock, blues, acoustic, Latin and jazz. In 2006 to study at Guildford’s prestigious Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM) where he got his Bachelor of Arts in Contemporary Popular Music from ACM (2009) and was awarded Outstanding Guitarist of the Year award on graduation (2009). For the past 20 years Alexis has performed both in Cyprus and in UK in various bands as well as the Fringe Festival 2009.

Backing track, vocal guide, lyrics, tempo in bpm

I will provide powerful emotive rock vocals for your track with rich double tracked harmonies.

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Chasing Photographs-Original Song
Monkey Wrench-Foo fighters cover


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