Music producer & Mixing engineer

Multiinstrumentalist, producer, mixing enginner and music enthusiast!
I believe EVERY song and EVERY artist has a spark, that can blow everyone’s mind, it is only a matter of finding it and making it shine the right way! – And I love this process!

What is your goal with this song? Do you have any reference you would like to sound similar to? Can you send me the lyrics and write a short brief about the topic and meaning of the song? Also please provide me with the BPM of the song!

Let’s discuss your favorite artists, influences and the direction you want your song
to take on and then I will do my magic!

Recognizing the strengths of an artist, highlighting them and supporting them with modern, clear and punchy sound. Always helping the artist to sound recognizable, yet comparable to the top-chart hits. That’s why many of the songs I participated on got TV or radio placements.

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Lanie Khuc - Mind Games // Co-writer, Producer, Mixing engineer
Lanie Khuc - Don't Push Me Away // Co-writer, Producer, Mixing engineer