Matthew Weber

Professional double bassist and bass guitarist

I record at my home studio, using a quality large diaphragm condenser mic, I use Reaper with a FocusRite interface. I specialize in classical music, although I have recorded with many different style bands, including; rock, jazz, pop, and country. I can record my antique double bass, my modern five string double bass, or any of three bass guitars, a P Bass, P/J five string bass, a vintage P style bass with flat wound strings. On the playing sampler track you can hear my playing in a variety of genres (in order of playing time): 0:00 vintage rock bass guitar, 0:34 folk rock upright bass, 1:08 hard rock bass guitar w/ pick, 1:37 bowed upright bass, 2:16 modern rock bass guitar w/ pick.

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Samples of different styles of bass playing. You will find, Beginning- Vintage rock (finger bass guitar) :34- Blues (pizzicato/finger Double Bass) 1:07- Funk (Slap bass guitar) 1:42- Metal (Finger and slap bass guitar) 2:30- World (Pick bass guitar) 3:10- Electronic rock (Pick bass guitar) 3:48- Double Bass quartet (Arco/bowed double bass)