Jayden White

Audio Engineer and Spectral Editor

My name is Jayden White. On Melody Nest, I specialize in detailed audio restoration and rebalancing of individual stem tracks. To keep my work flexible, I keep my tools to a minimum.

My editing suite:
♠ Studio One 4 Professional DAW
♠ iZotope RX 8 spectral editor
♠ Universal Audio Apollo Twin MKII QUAD Core Thunderbolt analog to digital converter.

Pricing for Audio Corrections:
♠ < 5 min $75/stem
♠ 13 min of audio will be billed $35/hour up to a maximum pre-agreed upon project budget with the client.

Price certainty for my clients is important.

People who benefit from my services:

♠ Vocalists who recorded room resonance, extraneous audio, mouth clicks, and breaths.
♠ Voiceover and audiobook artists who recorded HVAC sounds, extra noises, or excessive pops and clicks.
♠ Guitarists who accidentally clip their signal while recording.
♠ Mix engineers who received stem files that are rhythmically out of align.
♠ Sound designers who need seamlessly looped data.

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