Dave Goel


I have been playing guitar for 7 years. Recently, I got accepted in Berklee college of Music. I have a band and we have played at countless gigs. My guitar influences are Gary Moore, David Gilmour and Slash. I recently recorded my first single, which is available on my youtube channel. Two years ago, I achieved a certificate for completing Trinity rock and pop grade 5.

The most important requirement is to be as specific as possible. Other than that, if you have a bpm, chords, backing track for your song, I would like that too.

My services include recording guitar for songs, composing jingles and teaching guitar. My forte is electric guitar even though I can play acoustic if the situation demands it. I record my music with logic pro x. Most of the songs are recorded on my telecaster and my Krammer striker 211. I can compose chord progressions, guitar solos, riffs, fill guitar parts in songs and also create instrumentals. My genres of expertise include rock, metal and pop.

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