Martin Preisler

Rock'n'Soul singer and background vocal producer

Rock’n’Soul singer, power up your song!
Hi !
I’ve got 30years of experience as lead-singer and background-vocalist/producer.
I’m mainly a rock singer, but over the years I’ve been singing a lot of Soul and Jazz, which plays a huge part in my style!
I am inspired by so many different artists like Van Morisson, Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, Roger Waters, Sting, Prince, Chris Stapleton, Macy Gray, and many more! No specific genre, but artists who have the ability to speak from the heart with their own original sound, energy and soul.

To record your song I’ll need a recording of your song with cue vocals, and a recording without vocals. Please include tempo (bpm)
I need the lyrics and I clear description of what you imagined the song should sound like. What feeling you are looking for and so on…

I track vocals from studio in Denmark. I usually Send demos to evaluate by the client, before recording the final version.
My main vocal setup: SE2200 microphone – Presonus Studio Channel preamp – TC electronic Compact Twin interface – Presonus Studio One Pro.

I’ve worked with numerous danish artists and I’ve recorded numerous danish vocal versions of Disney Cartoons such as Planes(Lenny kravitz songs), Frozen, Phenieas and Ferb and more.
The most fun I had was recording the title song for the animated movie Ronal The Barbarian (Babarian Rhapsody)… Check it out!

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