Dominique Keufen

Professional Mixing Engineer

Contrary to other mixing engineers I will not simply level/gainstage your tracks. I consider mixing a very creative task and I love to shape a song using my imagination. I will understand your song and find out how I can make it shine. This can range from final polishing to things like creating complex delay and reverb effect automations to make sure your vocals and melodies really connect with the instrumental, I can go as far as suggest vocal effects or adding additional layers to your snares and kicks to help them sound the best, etc.
In general this means that I am your guy if you think that your song arrangement is finished but it is missing a last level of detail.
I will adjust the mix until you are happy with it. I also keep tabs on the latest trends and plugins to deliver the most current sound possible.

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Memoria feat Mila 'Turn up the Heat'
MOUI 'Not Enough'


I can usually deliver within days or hours.