Carlos Cordova

Music Producer, Songwriter and Engineer.

My name is Carlos Córdova I’m a Music Producer, Songwriter and Professional Audio Editor & Engineer.

I’ve been working on my own with some artists, musicians and other engineers around the world I mixed, mastered and produced a few songs & albums of mine, but I also have work with ghost production and mixing for other people.

It all started a few years ago when I wanted to create a band, so I have to learn many things since how you record a guitar part, layers, and recording techniques to the most fancy or complicating things as Mixing, Mastering professionally and setting and routing audio gear and I never stop learning from there.

I always like to offer the best of myself in each work and production, that is why I take each project on a personal level.

Some of the genres that I have worked in the past and I’m used to produce are: Pop, Rock, Punk, Reggeaton, Alternative/indie, Orchestral, Soundtracks and EDM.

My goal as a freelancer is to deliver a quality service for my clients and earn a little income along the way doing what I love, making music.

My services range from composing and building the beat, the lyrics of a song to all part engineering, microphone and recording techniques, monitoring, sends, aux, routing, pro tools, etc. even vocal couching, but I want to focus more on the music writing and producing for others part, that and mixing and mastering (i love those).

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Something Crazier (Instrumental)


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