David Avram

Professional Sound Engineer, Producer and Composer

I’m a Dublin based sound engineer, producer and composer. Here I’m studying Music and Music Technology through the arts degree at NUIM. I am also a classically trained pianist and hold a Grade 8 Honours Certificate through the Royal Irish Academy of Music. I have comoposed and produced soundtracks for a large handful of short films, and one feature length film known as ‘The Northside Shtory’. I’ve produced music for many small artists and have a lot of experience in the sound engineering world. I have a weekly gig as a sound engineer for a live broadcast every Sunday evening, which is where I developed my profficiency in Studio One 5.
My primary DAW is FL Studio, but I’m very efficient in Reaper, Studio One 5, Adobe Audition, Audacity and Cakewalk by BandLab as well, and I find myself coming back to these DAWs everyday.
I record using a trusty Rode NT-1A condensor mic, and for instrument mic I like using my Shure SM57 dynamic.
As far as my headphones go, I use a pair of Beyeredynamics DT 770 Pros (80 Ohms), which I combine with my Fluid Audio FX 50 active loudspeakers, both connected to my Universal Audio Apollo Solo USB interface. Putting all this gear together allows me to get a very raw, honest, neutral sound in order to really get the mix I want.
As far as composing and producing goes, I do RnB, Soul, Funk, Neo-Soul, Boom Bap, Trap, Soundtrack, and a decent amount of progressive rock and indie music.
I can offer you a mix of an extremely high standard, for your podcast, video, music, or a combination of them all.
I am up for a music production task of any sort, and of a very high standard of quality and creativity.
And of course, if you happen to be a film director, and you’re sick of the cheap “royalty free” music, I can compose and produce a score for you that will have the audience dragged into every scene, comparing you film to the likes of Christopher Nolan, Martin Scoresese and Stanley Kubrick.

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Shane's Match - From the 'Voices' Soundtrack
The Northside Beat - From the 'Northside Shtroy' Soundtrack.


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