Oleg Ponomarev

Violin, performing/recording/composing

I am a performing musician and multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer with 35 years of touring experience and more than 50 recorded albums under my name or as a guest. I’m signed to ARC Records UK, Circular Records Scotland and Adastra UK.
I play and record violin, viola, string ensembles, piano, keys, guitar and bass. As a composer, I’ve written or arranged several scores for film and video, including ‘Onegin’ (featuring Ralph Fiennes and Liv Tyler), and ‘Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter’ by Tim Burton. I have a variety of different mikes for different styles, including my trusted condensor ‘Octava’. I try to keep tracks as acoustic as possible but can use samples if needed. Sometimes I use effects on my electric 5-string for Rock, Electronic music or soundtracks, otherwise – all natural.
My background is Balkan/Gipsy/Klezmer music, my education is Classical, my love is Jazz/Blues/Hot Club…

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