George Dayer

Professional Session Bass Player and Producer

I offer total professional session work by providing my best bass skills. I specialize in Latin genres such as; Cumbia, Banda, Salsa, Reggeton, and Pop. However my background comes from Rock, Punk, Progressive Rock. I am currently performing with Ninel Conde in her Dulce Renacer U.S Tour 2021 and I am also a bass player for We Are Bastards a Rock and Roll band from U.S/Mexico. My portafolio includes uploading session work on time, taking my session work as serious as possible sincd this is what I do for living, as well as all of my past experiences producing, performing, and composing. I do offer the best sound quality you can find out there. My gear includes; Lakland Skyline Series Bass, Fender Precision Delux Series Bass, MXR Bass D.I pedal, Cry Baby Wah Pedal, EHX Compressor Pedal, Boss GT1B Multi-Effect Pedal Processor, and 10+ Effects Pedals that I can use depending on the style. I have been hired to record and perform with over 8+ international artists and have performed at over 1,000 live music dates throughout my life. Session work is what I do for a living so the project I get, the project I focus on.

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La Rebelde - Ninel Conde


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