Music Producer, Mixing, Mastering, Post Edits

I’m a music producer from Phoenix, AZ that is known for my diverse skill set and ability to create music for everyone. I prefer to work closely with the artist or collaborator to ensure the best and desired outcome is achieved with each project.

I’m excited to help and work with you on your music!

Are you a songwriter who needs a complete production for their music? Do you need drums, keyboards, bass or other kind of instrument for your own song?

Allow me to take your song from a rough sketch in your head or on your phone to a distribution ready track. First we’ll discuss the arrangement for the song, then we can decide on the process to create the final mix.

I use professional DAW software (Pro Tools, Logic Pro), in addition to numerous professional plugins (Waves, AutoTune, more…), and have various MIDI and audio interfaces.

Some of my past work includes an instrumental EP and holiday cover songs. All of my music can be found in the links provided in my profile.

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Chapter III - Vibrancy Scene I
Chapter I - 808 & The Top Down Scene I