Esteban Rotunno

Professional Recording Drummer

You want a real drummer recording high quality drums in your songs?
Then contact me, you won’t regret.
I have more than 20 years of professional experiencie, playing and touring with grammy award winners pop artists, and iconic brassilian singers (Axel, María Creuza, Toquinho, Luis Salinas) . I also have the equipment to record proffesional drums or percussions for your songs or projects. I can also edit & mix them, and deliver one stereo “ready to go” track if that’s what you need.
You’ll be part of the recording process, 24/7, we can make reviews, at no extra cost (i make a custom offer for each project).
I can cover mainly all styles of music but pop, rock, country, indie, latin, brassilian, fusion and rumba flamenca are my specialty.

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