Joni Kyynäräinen

Producer, mixing & mastering engineer

I was born in a small town called Kuusankoski, Finland in 1987. I remember being interested in music, recording and sounds in general before I even knew how to play an instrument. I was toying around with this old Sony doubledeck C-cassette player. Making my own mixtapes and making ”records” with this cheap Casio-keyboard and its built-in drum machine. There just was something that fascinated me. You could capture these moments and listen to them later. It was almost like if I had invented a time machine. And these are also the very same feelings I try to achieve today when I am working with my clients.

At the age of 12 I started to play guitar and few years later joined my first band. Since then I have played mainly guitar or bass in several bands. I also play a little bit of drums and also sing (or yell), but not to a point where I could really call myself a drummer or a singer. My main purpose actually for stepping into those shoes was that I wanted to record drums more and understand what a drummer is going through while they are playing and recording.

Even though I have been involved and interested in these things since childhood it wasn`t until 2017 that I decided to make a career out of this. Before that I had mainly worked with my own bands or my friends bands as a ”side thing” for more regular jobs. Maybe it was a 30-year crisis or something that got me pursuing my true passion. So in 2017 I applied and got accepted to Salpaus Further Education and its Vocational Qualification in Music Study Programme in Music Technology. To study these things on a more professional level. I graduated in the beginning of 2020 and since then have been working full-time via KyySounds. In February 2020 I also started to study Further Vocational Qualification for Music Producers at the same school to hone my skills even more.

I`ve always had an interest towards different genres and musical styles. Although my background as a musician comes from rock, punk and metal I sometimes find myself gravitating towards something more soothing like classical, blues, jazz etc. I also have a soft spot for well-produced and catchy pop songs. You could easily see me switching from aggressive crust/punk/metal act like From Ashes Rise to ABBA. But despite the genre the song always has to have that certain ”something” that makes it good. And my goal is to help you find yours.

Feel free to contact me with your project!

For full productions a scratch demo of the song is good to have. Quality does not matter. Lyrics and chords are cool too. If you send multiple tracks for mixing make sure they are all starting from the same point. Send only .wav files.

I am offering producing, mixing and mastering services. You can use my expertise on only one of these areas or I can be your guide through the whole process. From a scratch demo that may have been recorded on your phone to a release ready track. I`ve for example worked with singer-songwriters this way. They have an acoustic demo of their song. I produce an instrumental track of their dreams with quality sounds. They record their vocals and send it to me. Then I will mix and master this new masterpiece and world becomes a better place. I am also a skilled mixing engineer so if you are lets say in a band and you have tracks recorded but need them mixed and mastered by and expert then I am your guy! I am most fluent in pop, rock, punk, metal and also singer songwriter stuff. But I have tipped my toes also on more urban side like hip-hop etc. At the end of the day I am in customer service industry and I will put my heart and soul (and EARS) to what the client needs. I work mainly in the box with Pro Tools but I do have few hardware compressors (FMR Audio RNC, FMR Audio RNLA and a pair of DBX 163X:s) that I might use if they fit to the project. Feel free to ask any questions!

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Grg Zacc - Pagal Ta Haina (Pop, Rock, Folk)
Arcadia On The Horizon - Shoreline (Metal, Metalcore)