Joni Kyynäräinen

Producer, mixing & mastering engineer

I am offering producing, mixing and mastering services. You can use my expertise on only one of these areas or I can be your guide through the whole process. From a scratch demo that may have been recorded on your phone to a release ready track. I`ve for example worked with singer-songwriters this way. They have an acoustic demo of their song. I produce an instrumental track of their dreams with quality sounds. They record their vocals and send it to me. Then I will mix and master this new masterpiece and world becomes a better place. I am also a skilled mixing engineer so if you are lets say in a band and you have tracks recorded but need them mixed and mastered by and expert then I am your guy! I am most fluent in pop, rock, punk, metal and also singer songwriter stuff. But I have tipped my toes also on more urban side like hip-hop etc. At the end of the day I am in customer service industry and I will put my heart and soul (and EARS) to what the client needs. I work mainly in the box with Pro Tools but I do have few hardware compressors (FMR Audio RNC, FMR Audio RNLA and a pair of DBX 163X:s) that I might use if they fit to the project. Feel free to ask any questions!

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Grg Zacc - Pagal Ta Haina (Pop, Rock, Folk)
Arcadia On The Horizon - Shoreline (Metal, Metalcore)