Dario Freire

Illustrator and Graphic designer


If you are looking for an artist to provide you with a trully unique and different artwork for your music (LP, EP, song, mixtape, podcast, etc.), please, have a look at my work. I pride in creating unusual abstract and minimal art that makes a perfect fit for an album cover that wants to stand out from the rest.

The creative process for the album cover would be:
1. Send me some guideliness keeping in mind my particular style and let me listen to your music so I can get the inspiration necessary to create a design concept, then I will proceed to design a sketch.
2. Once the sketch is validated I will proceed with the final design.
3. Once the design for the album cover is finished I will send you a preview so you can let me know if you would like to make some modification.
4. Once the final design is validated I will send it to you in a 72 pp image so you can use it on the net.

Otherwise, I have a wide range of unused pre-made covers that can be used exclusively and be modifyed by adding a name and a title.

Send me a message so we can talk about your project and find the perfect symbiosis between your music and my art. I speak English, Spanish and Italian.

2 reviews

  1. Talent, Professionalism, Great guy

    I stumbled on this site while I was searching Google for an album art designer, I’m glad I did. I found and purchased a FANTASTIC piece from Dario. He was responsive, answered all my questions, and had may art to me in no time. He was friendly, and a pleasure to deal with. He went above and beyond for me, I definitely plan on working with him again.

  2. Premade Cover Art

    Dario was a pleasure to work with and incredibly responsive on everything. I love the art and I think it suits my track perfectly. I will definitely be back in the future! Thank you again!

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