Music producer/Engineer at the Willow Six Studio.

Graduate from the ICMP London (BA creative music production) and from the SSR London (Advanced technique in mixing and mastering).

Recently opened in France, the Willow Six Studio offers you high quality services including:

– Ghost Production/Beat Making: We can produce music for you. Send us your inspirations, tell us how you want your music to sound like and we will produce the music that defines you. We can produce: House, Rap, Micro House, RnB, Rominimal, Minimal House, House 90s, Deep Tech, Techno, Pop, Soul, Minimal Tech, New wave, Drum n Bass, Electro Pop…

– Mix Engineering: Your ideas deserve to sound good. Send us your Music, Audio books or any kind of audio and we will make sound professional.

– Sync Music composition/production and Sound Design: Send us your project and we will compose and produce music and design the sound for any kind of medias (Film, Series, Podcast, Video-games…)

Studio gear: Yamaha CVP 501, Clarett 8pre-usb, Yamaha HS7, Korg ER1, Acoustic Piano from 1900, Acoustic Guitars, MD-421 mic.

Feel free to contact me, it’s always a pleasure to talk about music.

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