Matte Lupo

Audio Engineer, Mastering Engineer, and Drummer

Hi, my name is Matte Lupo! I’m an audio engineer with plenty of experience in anything from studio recording, mixing, and mastering to live sound mixing and audio system design.

Education: Audio & Recording Technology(A.S.) – Citrus College.

Experience: I have 16 years of experience as a musician and 8 years of audio experience as an engineer. I’ve worked with many large churches such as Saddleback church and companies such as the Walt Disney company. I’ve also been a freelance musician/audio engineer for bands, short films, documentaries etc… I am a multi instrumentalist with a main focus in drums and audio. With my wide range of experience I’ve developed a love for the marriage between science and art that music requires and succeeds on.

Mixing.- Let me know what your goals are for this project; such as editing/cutting and what your really looking for. Ideally individual tracks (Wav file) or Protools session.

Mastering.- Let’s have a conversation on what your goal is for this track; such as reference of the sound you’re wanting, what platform(s) is this being distributed on. Ideally mixed stereo track (Wav file) without buss compression or limiting. If needed we can discuss options for stem mastering.

Drums.- Let’s talk about the feel and vibe you’re wanting. Also let’s talk about acoustic/electronic drums and percussion.

Audio Gear: I use Protools 12 for audio editing, mixing and mastering. Hardware I use is Universal Audio for A/D and D/A conversion. I have plenty of UAD and Waves plug ins.

Drum Gear: I’ve been drumming for 16 years now and have chosen to settle down with a Ludwig drum kit. I have a vintage 1965 Ludwig drum kit with a vintage Ludwig Acrolite snare and a Black Beauty snare. I have a few different Zildjian K Custom Dark and Session cymbals. I have two sets of hi hats, one K Custom Dark and an A Custom master sound.

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