Marco Cremaschini

Pianist, Keyboardist, Producer, Composer

Hey! My name is Marco and I am a highly experienced professional pianist/keyboard player based in Italy.
Styles including but not limited to Jazz, Blues, RnB, Soul, Bossanova, Pop, Rock.

I am not only a session player but also a composer, producer and arranger. My last project “NoteSpeak”, out on Ropeadope Records, received a 4 star review from the iconic Downbeat magazine.

I am available for a single track or for full sessions.

To record a keys track for you I need your song (or a cover), from an audio file (in the beginning an mp3 it’s ok) to a multitrack session (Logic/garage band) or just separated tracks in wav or aif + the click….. and let me know the bpm of the song.

Sheet music appreciated but maybe you’d prefer that I make a part from chords, in that case you can also send me some examples (youtube link is fine).

I will send you a file audio (WAV 44,1kHz up to 96kHz 24bit) or whatever you need….in the audio file domain 🙂

Please let me know if you have any questions

Acoustic piano (Schimmel Baby Grand),
Electric piano (Rhodes Mark I Suitcase ’79),
Kurzweil PC4,
Nord Electro 6d,
Hammond Melodion 44
and various virtual instruments (Keyscape, Sylenth1, NI The Grandeur, Garritan CFX, Alicia’s Keys and many others)

Audio Interfaces: UAD Apollo, Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56.
Mics: Cascade Fat Head (ribbon), CAD Audio GXL3000, Behringer B-5, Akg C5.
DAW Logic Pro X, Ableton Live

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A sample from my customers
We're Gonna Change It (My production)