Andrejs Sadkovojs

Mixing Engineer

My name is Andrejs and I was born in 1983 in Latvia. Riga, the capital city of Latvia is one of the most creative and inspiring places at the Baltic Sea. Since a while, I am located for working and living in the South Germany in Schwaebisch Gmuend on the river Rems, the most beautiful city on the region.

Music was always my passion. I’ve been writing and playing music since I was 15. I had to write down songs ideas somehow and that’s how I started studying sound recording. A little later, I started recording and mixing some my friends bands – this was a start of my career as an audio.

Despite the fact that my work has always been related to sound, 5 years ago I decided to devote myself completely to music. That’s why I started freelancing and now I provide an online mixing and mastering service. I also keep looking for talented artists to collaborate with.

For beginning our collaboration, you need to send me the multitrack of the song with some necessary information: song key, BMP and lyrics on the English if it on any other language.

I am a graduate audio engineer with five-year experience. Being now a freelancer, I offer my mixing and mastering services online and in-person. What does my offer include, and how can you benefit?

• Individual approach to get the sound you have been dreaming about
• Fast response and tracks ready on just time
• Affordable prices for all music genres
• Vocal tuning, restoration and time alignment – quantising
• Mastering for streaming platforms, CDs, vinyl, club play
• I will do my best to make you 100% happy with the result!

I also provide audio processing services for various audio products such as audiobooks, podcasts, voice-over for videos, radio ads, and more.

The price depends on the complexity of the track and tasks.

Just write me a message, and send me your project. I am sure we will agree on everything!

You can listen to examples of my work here:

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