Jan Kohrt

Studio Drummer For YOUR Music!

Hey people!
I am a German drummer and I´m currently playing with the Amsterdam (NL) based alt/progressive rockband “Abraham Sarache” and with the German pop/rock band “Frollein Motte”.
Besides being active in this two bands and I am doing international touring and other projects or sessions with various artists, mainly from Germany but also from the Netherlands or the US. I do not only record drums for other people but being also involved in songwriting and composing processes, the arrangements as well as the mixing and the producing of the music.

Worked with:
Matthias Hofmann (Ger)
Deniz Tiziana Eigen (Ger)
Company Jones (USA)
Circus Of Time (Ger)

How I work:
Developing a great drum part for your music is the key element to achieve a solid rhythm track.
Sometimes I am presented with programmed demo drums, which already give me an idea and set a guideline. Often there is no drum demo and I am totally free, too. Once I listened to the music, that is given to me and I can feel a connection to it, I will have ideas immediately. Transfering those ideas to the drums can only take a few hours, a couple of days or maybe a week. I usually record 3 to 4 full takes per song and then chose the one with the best vibe, afterwards comes editing.

Tama Drums
Meinl Cymbals and Percussion
Rode, AKG, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic Microphones
Midas Preamps
Cubase 11 Pro

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Deniz Tiziana Eigen - Dream On - Drums recorded at my home studio
Circus Of Time - Drums recorded at my home studio


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